Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through exciting, collaborative, and innovative approaches in Musculoskeletal Research.


We will foster a lab culture that works for everyone so scientists from all backgrounds can thrive. In order to make big changes and meet blue sky goals, we work are building a safe, supportive, and sustainable environment and strive to maintain a lab that works for everyone. 

Lab Practices

We are committed to creating opportunities for training and recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds, and establishing a culture of understanding, open communication, and respect as a foundation of our interdisciplinary research program.

Mentorship Philosophy

We strive to be practical, intentional, and inclusive to cultivate a diverse, supportive, and productive team. We foster growth by encouraging authenticity to create a fun and sustainable research environment. As a group, we deeply understand that every trainee has unique and dynamic needs that benefit from tailored mentorship approaches. Together we work to disassemble typical academic hierarchical thinking. To ensure that all individuals will have an equal voice and opportunity to provide input, we invite insights from junior colleagues first to illustrate the value of all individuals to the culture and direction of the lab. 

Diversity Need In Orthopaedic Research

After mental health, musculoskeletal diseases are the second largest cause of disability worldwide. Musculoskeletal conditions disproportionally affect women and people from historically marginalized groups. Orthopaedics is considered the least diverse clinical and biomedical research specialty, so improving diversity and inclusion in this MSK research has a high potential impact and is long overdue. Contributing to this meaningful change can be accomplished by participating in campus-wide and professional organization-wide initiatives.